Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh wasted time where have you gone

It looks like the hours I spent prepping for my special motherboards was all for naught. Once I finally got the cable kits from the regional distributor (apparently the company didn't have any and needed to make them) I figured out there is no way the case will work. In the regional reps defense Ken the rep I was working with did have to put in quite a bit of effort for what turned out to only be a $70 order out of me. In the end he drove them from Bellevue to my doorstep in Seattle the day he got them (probably to shut me up).

So now that everything is here I set to trying to cram everything into the case. I most likely could get the board ram and proc and a severely modified powersupply into this damn case, but no optical drives and certainly no full sized ide drives. A number of other students from netdesk and I are talking about setting up a domain for testing and finishing our Certifications so I thought one of these could certainly run as a global catalogue server, so I have started looking for a rackmount 1u server case (preferably empty) to host this little side foray.

I designed and priced a custom aluminum 12"x10"x3.24"clam case at Holy cow $375 for two really plain custom cases is really steep (in my mind). So $50 for a server case (after shipping) and $20-$30 for a 1u server power supply I think I am better off just using a server case in the end. If I had thought about it I could have saved myself 40 or so hours of grinding, cutting sanding and bending atx case steel, or I could have had the front and back covers made for what that time was worth. lesson learned I guess

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