Friday, October 21, 2005

Old/Completed Project Redux

Before I started this blog I was actively modifying and building things, I just never thought to write about them. To remedy this and post some of the messes I have created previously read on.

My personal favorite is the desktop rack:

I started with a single rack strip for a rack cabinet from a previous employer that was left over from my setting up their Data Center. I carefully measured the rack strip and determined that it was divisible by 4 in such away that none of the cuts would intersect with a screw hole. I cut the aluminum with carbon fiber cut off wheels and a dreme. After the cuts I had for Approximately 17 in tall pieces that looked like this.

I stacked them together and used zip ties fished through the holes to force them to line up and ground all of them even so that every piece would have the same distance top and bottom to a hole. As a result the rack is level and the holes to line up. I used large 3U rack cabinet spacer panels to form the sides and smaller 1U spacer panels to hold the rack square.

I purchased some Plexiglas and aluminum flat bar stock to create a custom Plexiglas shelf that fit in the top of the rack to help hold it square (though my custom L brackets lack of uniformity cause the whole cabinet to warp slightly.) I have threatened to get 4 custom machined L brackets to fix it, but I was able to flex them enough to get the cabinet to appear to be level that I have never bothered. I use the Shelf to hold a printer and my networking gear in the office, but so as long as we are renting and I cannot pull cable that Switch is going to continue to look lonely.

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