Friday, June 16, 2006

Need something to do.

Moving on from the digital picture frame and looking for something new to tear apart and make my house a mess, I saw a post about a "Portable Media Center Extender" on hackaday. It immediately excited me as my house hold is becoming a bunch of media center whores and severly over burdening the el cheapo media center I put up. All in all the box has performed brilliantly and I am very happy with the set and forget nature of the beast. Unfortunately for us and our ever increasing number of religiously watched shows, the "season finally" season almost put the nails in the coffin of my media center and nearly got me killed.

I was a little disappointed to find it was a wireless extension of the XBMC. Undetered, I loved the idea and want to make a true wireless Xbox Media Center Extender.

A Few product idea for use:

Video Sender/Reciver
Maybe something Like this for a big battery


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  1. Convic: True enough, I'll syndicate the full content from now on.. I was posting summaries only to force people going into the blog, but I guess this has its disadventages right? :)

    Hey, but I don't only post about current news, there's also someunique content on [GAS] that you can't find elsewhere...