Thursday, May 04, 2006

Digital Picture Frame 2.0 part 2

Oh bollocks to Linux. So after too much headache trying to make the drivers for the ZD1211 chipset on my el cheapo airlink+ 802.11g usb adapter. I knew windows would work and saw the post on Make using Slickr to dynamically pull images I decided to go back to what I know rather than flounder with obscure 'make' errors.

It took me 52 minutes to install XP Home, 4 minutes to make a flickr account and 10 minutes to download, install and configure Slickr.

You hear that Linux, 4 weeks of you vs little more than a hour of windowz. Granted that is where the majority of my experience lays, but still.

Pictures to follow....

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  1. Yeah, a lot of people keep ranting all year long about how windows sucks compared to linux, but still, as time passes, Microsoft keep on improving their OS, giving enthusiasts a secure, and easy to control environment. Maybe it wasn't like that in the NT4 days, but with the comming of vista, I only see a bright, sunny path ahead of me.