Tuesday, September 13, 2005


So I have started construction on a computer that will live under the seat of my car for mp3's dvd's and gps. (maybe some evdo if the price drops again) :)

Anyhow I have started on the case construction using a KVM that was no longer useful. It was a kvm for the old DIN style mouse keyboard connections. I started by gutting it and am making some custom front and back panels from a discarded atx case.

Here is the Gutted case and the bottom after I ground off the standoff's.

Nice shoes fool! ha, to lazy to edit them out. Any way after I gutted the KVM I needed to make custom front and back panels. I chose to cut these from a piece of steel recycled from an old atx case. Here is a picture of the cut out for the front.

All that is left is to cut out the the back and fill in the holes of the outer case that will not be used.

Yeah, now for the expensive part of all of my projects procurement. I am good at building, I suck at buying parts. Ugh I hate spending that last $200-$500 to finish a project.

Parts needed,
mini-itx motherboard
7" touch screen and mounting
atapi to ide converter for my slim line drive
and a car powersupply

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